from California Latinas for Reproductive Justice

The State Legislature is considering two bills that would have tremendous impacts on women and families!  

We need your support to advance two bills that would greatly improve women's access to health care and help safeguard children and protect parental rights! SB 1338 (Kehoe) and AB 2015 (Mitchell) have committee hearings on April 16 and 17, respectively. CLRJ is co-sponsoring both bills as they are stepping stones towards advancing reproductive justice for Latinas and their families. Please send in your letters of support TODAY to make sure the health and rights of women and families are secure.


AB 2015 (Mitchell): Calls for Kids

Hearing Date: Public Safety Committee 4/17/12

Ensures that custodial parents, regardless of immigration status or language, can arrange for the care of their children at the time of arrest and retain some contact with their child's caregiver. 


CLRJ is pleased to co-sponsor AB 2015 because we recognize the issue of parents' rights to make decisions about their own children as a reproductive justice issue. The coordination of efforts to keep families together when a parent is detained or deported is an affirmative strategy to address this growing problem that deeply impacts California's communities.

Download and send in a letter of support to Assemblymember Holly Mitchell!

SB 1338 (Kehoe): Safe and Early Access

Hearing Date: Senate Public Safety 4/16/12

Ensures that women can receive comprehensive reproductive health care from local providers they know and trust by allowing Nurse Practitioners (NPs), Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) and Physician Assistants (PA's) to provide early safe abortion care under the terms of their licenses. 


CLRJ is pleased to co-sponsor SB 1338 because access to comprehensive reproductive health care is especially important in the Latina/o community, which has among the lowest access to reproductive health services and experiences higher reproductive health disparities. SB 1501 will provide much-needed equity in access to comprehensive reproductive health care for all women, particularly Latinas and other low-income women of color experiencing limited access to health care.

Download and send in a letter of support to Senator Kehoe!


Please see fact sheets for both bills below for more information. 


In solidarity,


Marisol & Myra

CLRJ's Policy Team 


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