In this photo released by the Spanish Police on Saturday March 24, 2012 a tattoo in the form of a bar code is seen on the wrist of a woman in this hand out photo. (AP Photo/Spanish Police)

Spanish police have arrested 22 alleged pimps in connection with a prostitution ring in Madrid -- and some even allegedlytattooed their prostitutes as a sign of "ownership," the Associated Press reports.

The Daily Mail notes one 19-year-old woman held against her will had a bar code and an amount of money tattooed on her wrist by her pimp. Sex workers were allegedly inked with the distinct marks after escape attempts to denote their "owners" and how much money they owed their pimps, the paper writes. The freed woman claims to have been whipped, chained to a radiator and having had her hair and eyebrows shaved off as punishment from her illicit proprietor, according to the AP.




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