WHO Report: Safe Abortion is Essential to Protecting Women’s Human Rights

States should eliminate barriers to abortion services, provide accurate information on reproductive health care

(PRESS RELEASE) Providing women across the globe with access to safe and legal abortion services is essential to realizing and protecting their fundamental human rights, according to the updated safe abortion guidance issued this week by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The new guidance—updating the agency’s 2003 publication—recognizes that nearly every one of the approximately 47,000 deaths and additional five million injuries due to unsafe abortion worldwide “could have been prevented through sexuality education, family planning, and the provision of safe, legal induced abortion and care for complications of abortion.”
Said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights: 
“The world’s foremost public health agency has reaffirmed the well-established truth that access to safe abortion is good public health policy that protects the human rights of millions of women globally.


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