Survey for Law Enforcement Personnel  - UCR Clearance Methods for Sexual Assault 


Joanne Archambault, End Violence Against Women International
As most of you know, the FBI recently expanded the definition of forcible rape used for the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) Program. With this historic change, UCR data will provide us with a more realistic picture of the full range of sexual assaults being perpetrated in our communities.
In addition to the crime reporting data, another very important component of the UCR Program is the information on how law enforcement agencies clear their cases and report these clearances to the FBI. We know there is a great deal of confusion in this area, as well as wide variations in how the UCR clearance guidelines are interpreted and applied. We believe it is time to improve this process, by updating UCR clearance guidelines and ensuring that the data reported to the UCR is truly meaningful.
In an attempt to explore possible recommendations to the FBI, we at End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) have created a National Working Group to explore these issues in detail. Our first step is to gather information on how law enforcement agencies are clearing their sexual assault cases. 
We are sending you a survey for law enforcement professionals, to find out how personnel in their agency would clear the sexual assault reports described in 6 brief scenarios. This survey is designed for law enforcement personnel only. If you are a colleague or an ally who is not in law enforcement, please feel free to forward this e-mail to your law enforcement partners.
Thank you for your help with this project. We look forward to providing information on the results of the survey and the recommendations of the National Working Group on UCR Clearance Methods.
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