State by State: Ensuring there are tough laws to combat trafficking

We’re in the heat of legislative sessions across the country and our Policy team has hit the ground running to pass effective anti-human trafficking laws in 17 states. We’ve already seen great victories in West Virginia, Nebraska, Alaska, and Vermont, and are poised to have new bills signed into law in Virginia, Hawaii and Alabama. We are working towards passing legislation that fights trafficking and supports victims through bills that would require the posting of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline number in targeted locations, increase protections for minor victims of sex trafficking, clear victims’ criminal records of charges that were a result of them being trafficked, or require that assets of traffickers to be seized and forfeited. 

If you are a resident (or have friends) in the following states, it is especially critical that you take action now:
    - Alabama
    - California
    - South Carolina

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