Police guard the front door of Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas, where a gunman opened fire on Thursday.

An ex-girlfriend of the Kansas shooter told police earlier this month that he was violent and needed psychological help.

Cedric Ford was at work at an Excel plant in Hesston, Kansas, on Thursday afternoon when he was handed a piece of paper: The Harvey County Sheriff’s office had served him with a protection from abuse order. 

Ninety minutes later, authorities say Ford opened fire, killing three people and injuring 14 others.

Ford’s ex-girlfriend had filed the protective order, which stemmed from an alleged domestic violence incident earlier this month. 

On Feb. 5, according to the Wichita Police Department, officers responded to a call at the home of Ford's ex-girlfriend and took a report of domestic violence. She told police that Ford assaulted her, but he had already left the scene when they arrived. 

That same day, she filed for a protection order to bar Ford from contacting her or visiting her home. She told authorities that Ford was violent and unstable, according to court documents obtained by The Huffington Post.


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