The average entry age of children (mostly girls) being sold for sex in the U.S. is 12 to 14 years old. They should be struggling with algebra problems, not how to make enough money each night so they won't be beaten or so they can have food to eat.
Victims need you to stand with them. This is the LAST WEEKEND to SIGN and MAIL in the Californians Against Sexual Exploitation petition (CASE Act).
Do it for all the girls who will be sold, raped and beaten this weekend.
Postmark mail by March 5th to give time to sort/count. Return signed petitions to PO Box 7057, Fremont, CA 94537. Only registered voters can sign. Check here. 
Justice starts with YOU. Here's your chance to do it for the girls.
Daphne Phung
Executive Director, Founder
California Against Slavery

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