TRENTON — The State Police today graduated 118 new troopers and once again proclaimed the class to be the most diverse in state history, topping the one that graduated in October.

The 153rd Class, which was awarded badges at Elizabeth High School, includes 30 Hispanic troopers, who represent 25 percent of graduates, as well as 19 black troopers, who represent 16 percent of the group, State Police said.

The class also included six Asians and one American Indian. Only five females, three of whom were white, graduated today, highlighting the force's continuing struggle to attract a more balanced group of recruits in terms of gender.

"The 153rd class represents a major step forward in our continuing effort to develop and maintain a State Police force that reflects the diverse population it serves," Gov. Chris Christie said.


Five females out of 118 new troopers???????

"...a State Police force that reflects the diverse population it serves," Gov. Chris Christie???????????

Law enforcement across the country continues to exclude women, even from the definition of diversity. Law enforcement's big diversity fail is not racial. According to USDOJ figures, 25% of the nation's police are people of color. That's close to parity with the percent in the population. Only 12% of the nation's law enforcement are female, a figure that is abysmally below women's 50% in the population.

No wonder only 3% of rapists do jail time. No wonder we can't end police brutality. Law enforcement, and police reformers too, are failing completely to target the toxic male dominated culture and apply the obvious solution: RECRUIT, HIRE, RETAIN, AND PROMOTE FEMALE OFFICERS!

The facts are known. Female officers have dramatically lower rates of officer-involved-shootings, misconduct, and  citizen complaints compared to male officers. Females officers tend to respond to volatile situations by de-escalating. Male officers tend more to respond to volatile situations as a challenge, and they escalate.

For all those claiming to be working for an end to police brutality, how is it you never call out and protest law enforcement's sexist exclusion of women?

...WJC Admin

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