Remembering Melissa Sue Platt: Has Someone Gotten Away With Murder?

On October 8, 2008, when Texas resident, Marian Mims, was unable to reach her 31 year-old daughter, Melissa, in North Carolina where she lived with her boyfriend, Marian called authorities in Lenoir County to request that they check on her welfare. Authorities discovered Melissa in her Pink Hill home, wearing only a t-shirt, wrapped in a blanket on her bed, incapacitated, and suffering from numerous injuries. Melissa was rushed to a hospital and then air-lifted to Pitt County Memorial Hospital’s trauma center in Greenville, NC.
Melissa’s injuries included bruises on her back, stomach, legs, arms, and behind her ear. Her left eye was blackened. Her jaw was broken on both the left and right sides of her face. She had a large mark on her neck that appeared to be a strangulation injury. Worse, she was suffering a brain bleed and a blood clot on the right side of her brain. Doctors immediately performed a craniotomy to try to relieve the pressure on her brain, inserting a tube into the right side of her head.

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