This new and practical guide for violence-against-women practitioners is focused on strategic prevention messaging and work with media. 

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Eleven ways to boost your work with news media: How to help the media to report prevention of violence against women

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 Individual sections for download     Introduction to the resource [PDF Format]     1. Plan for your capacity [PDF Format]        2. Recognise the complexity of PVAW work [PDF Format]     3. Know some Media Industry basics [PDF Format]        4.Be responsive to news immediacy and deadlines [PDF Format]                5. Prepare tailored PVAW messages for all communications (including tricky questions) [PDF Format]           6. Keep key statistics at hand [PDF Format]         7.Be responsive to media requests for personal stories [PDF Format]          8.Know some basics about giving comment or media interviews [PDF Format]        9. Build the newsworthiness of your content [PDF Format]       10. Build media trust and commitment to PVAW [PDF Format]        11. Work with Media & Communications staff [PDF Format]        Quick Reference Supplement 1: Critical themes and concepts for PVAW messaging [PDF Format]        Quick Reference Supplement 2:Useful statistics and evidence on VAW [PDF Format]        Quick Reference Supplement 3: Characteristics of key messages [PDF Format]        Quick Reference Supplement 4: Further Resources [PDF Format]        Quick Reference Supplement 5: Glossary [PDF Format]

Delivering clear and accurate information and messages about prevention of violence against women to the media is not always easy. We have a current opportunity to provide information and evidence about prevention of violence against women to the media in ways that make it more accessible and engaging for the community. 

Working more effectively with the news media industry requires developing skills that include knowledge of the media industry and its business requirements, being responsive to media agendas and requests, providing accessible content, and finding proactive ways to build news interest and nuance in the reporting of prevention of violence against women.

This guide is aimed at practitioners working on violence-against-women response, early-intervention and prevention services and programs who want to work more effectively with media to communicate key messages about prevention of violence against women. It provides tools, tips and food for thought, including critical 'themes' and content for messaging on prevention of violence against women.

The guide addresses Actions 2.1 and 2.2 of Working with news and social media to prevent violence against women and their children: A Strategic Framework for Victoria and draws from the recently released national framework Change the Story (Our Watch 2015)

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