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Dear Friends,

Thanks to everyone who came to the Battered Mothers Custody Conference and to the wonderful Mothers of Lost Children White House demonstration and lobby day in Washington DC. 

We will be going to DC again in October 2016, Domestic Violence Awareness month. Why October? The research we are doing shows that nearly all protective mothers and their abused children have been victims of domestic violence. Please consider joining us. We need to keep reminding our elected representatives about these outrageous human rights violations.


The Heroic Mothers of Lost Children  
by Phyllis Chesler May 17, 2016
The prevailing myth was that women had an unfair advantage in custody battles and that men were discriminated against. This was not true then, and it is not true today. 


Just as the Argentinean mothers of the Plaza de Mayo boldly demonstrated on behalf of their missing children, known as the "desaparecidos" (both young and adult children disappeared by a military junta), just so are American mothers crying out and publicly demonstrating about their lost children.

Yes, I am talking about children who are lost to their mothers, and mothers who are lost to their children due to the most profound and toxic bias against women in the American family court system.

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Petition Congress for oversight hearings on the Family Court systematic harming of children

There is a cover-up occurring in another powerful, venerated institution, which in many ways mirrors the practices that facilitated the Catholic Church child abuse scandal. For decades, in Family Courts across the nation, women who have tried to protect their children from an abusive father have been attacked and battered by a ruthless system which dismisses or ignores physical abuse, verbal threats, and even documented criminal histories of fathers in a obsessive effort to attain their stated goal - joint custody at all costs. Money too, fuels the atrocities in the courts. 

You can help, SIGN THE PETITION TODAY: Demand Congressional Oversight Hearings on Family Court's Child Custody Practices

If you are from California, you can send a letter about the plan to destroy records of appellate decisions in Los Angeles. 

Court of Appeal Announces Destruction of Old Court Records

Anyone who knows of a reason why any of the records listed should be retained, whether for historical or other reasons, should notify Joseph Lane, Clerk/Executive Officer of the Court. The reasons for retention should be sent in writing to the address below by June 30, 2016.

Joseph Lane Clerk/Executive Officer of the Court
Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District
300 South Sprint Street
Second Floor, North Tower
Los Angeles, CA 90013


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