He says he wants to speak out against “binge drinking and sexual promiscuity,” but won’t admit his guilt.

Convicted sex offender Brock Turner argued in letters submitted in court that his behavior on the night of his crime was due to alcohol and a party culture on campus, something some of his supporters suggested as well. 

Turner was found guilty of three felony sexual assault charges in March andsentenced last week to six months in jail with three years’ probation. The lenient sentence has evoked international outrage following a widely shared statementfrom his victim and a letter defending Turner from his father

The Huffington Post obtained court documents this week, including letters of support for Turner submitted to the Judge Aaron Perksy and a report from the probation officer in his case, after the former Stanford University student’s conviction.

Turner and his family have not acknowledged in any of their statements that he committed a sexual assault, let alone a crime. He sexually assaulted an unconscious woman next to a dumpster on Stanford’s Palo Alto campus, digitally penetrating the woman, near a fraternity party where he met her. Two graduate students passing by interrupted him and pinned him down as other witnesses called police. 


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