Dear Colleagues, Friends and Allies:

I’m delighted to announce the creation of the National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project at the Washington College of Law at American University (NIWAP, pronounced new-app), where we will continue and expand the work that I have been doing for nearly 30 years.  Through our work at the Washington College of Law, NIWAP will engage a new generation of lawyers and advocates in work that benefits immigrant women, children, and immigrant survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, and other crimes.
NIWAP is a national provider of training, legal and social science research, policy development, and technical assistance to advocates, attorneys, pro bono law firms, law schools, universities, law enforcement, prosecutors, social service and health care providers, justice system personnel, and other professionals who work with immigrant women, children and crime victims. Our work will include support for those in the field and in government who work to improve laws, regulations, policies, and practices to enhance legal options and opportunities for immigrant women and children.
NIWAP will provide training and technical assistance on a broad range of issues of importance to immigrant women and children, including VAWA immigration and confidentiality, family law, protection orders, public benefits, language access, cultural competency, and access to services, including shelter, transitional housing, health care, and education.
A key part of our efforts will be to develop materials, resources, policy analysis, research and monographs which we will distribute through our web library at  The attached press release describes our program in more detail.
Please contact us to explore how we may be able to work together and support your work in the future:
Thank you for all your efforts to make a difference in the lives of immigrant women and children.
Leslye E. Orloff
Director, National Immigrant Women’s Advocacy Project (NIWAP)
Washington College of Law at American University
o.202.274.4371 | m. 202.210.8886 |

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