Gender & Development Special Issue on Violence Against Women & Girls

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a central concern for development, both from a human rights perspective, and from the point of view of the economic and social costs that VAWG represents.  The scale of VAWG is shocking; the World Health Organization estimates one in three women will directly experience either or both of two forms of VAWG: intimate partner violence, or sexual violence from a non-partner. Authors in this issue of Gender & Development describe, analyse and assess a range of approaches to VAWG, and strategies aiming to end or minimise this human rights abuse, which blights the lives of women, families, and societies across the globe. 

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One in three women suffers violence, but it’s everyone’s problem

Journal Contents

Introduction to Gender, Development, and Violence Against Women and Girls Christine Hughes, Caroline Marrs and Caroline Sweetman


High-risk feminism in El Salvador: women’s mobilisation in violent times

Julia Zulver

Grassroots responses to violence against women and girls in post-earthquake Nepal: lessons from

the field

Kay Standing, Sara Parker and Sapana Bista

Faith paths to overcome violence against women and girls in Brazil

Sarah de Roure and Chiara Capraro

‘Two months of marriage were sufficient to turn my life upside down’: early marriage as a form of

gender-based violence

Souad Belhorma

Shifting negative social norms rooted in unequal gender and power relationships to prevent

violence against women and girls

Laura Haylock, Rukia Cornelius, Anthony Malunga and Kwezilomso Mbandazayo

Building capacity for a disability-inclusive response to violence against women and girls:

experiences from the W-DARE project in the Philippines

Cathy Vaughan, Alexandra Devine, Raquel Ignacio, Wanet Lacsamana, Ma. Jesusa Marco, Jerome Zayas

and Carolyn Sobritchea

The Communities Care programme: changing social norms to end violence against women and girls

in conflict-affected communities

Sophie Read-Hamilton and Mendy Marsh

Feminist mobilisation for policy change on violence against women: insights from Asia

Paola Cagna and Nitya Rao

Unintended complicities: preventing violence against women in South Africa

Lisa Vetten 

Resources Compiled by Liz Cooke

Violence Against Women and Girls – Resources List

Book Reviews Edited by Liz Cooke

Gender, Development and Globalization: Economics As If All People Mattered (Second Edition)

Masculinities in the Making: From the Local to the Global

Women, Gender, Remittances and Development in the Global South

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