Even if it's not the intention, the pink pussy hats send a terrible message about women and girls.

Granted, there’s a need for all forms of protest against the tyrannies on our doorsteps. But multitudes of women marching this Saturday with the planned knitted pink pussy hats planted on their heads is decidedly not one of them. 

The message it sends is loud and clear and pathetic. It’s the antithesis and negation of protest. It says, “Yes, we women are out in droves marching in the streets, but not to worry! We really don’t mean it. We’re not posing a threat to anyone.”

“Our knitted pink pussy hats should reassure you all. We’re still your precious, pretty pink, giddy, petite princesses; your silly, giggly, ditzy pre-adolescent forever little girls posing just the way you like us with a pleasing touch of kiddie porn……even as you ruthlessly strip us and our daughters of all our rights.”

Women’s oppressors have always found it particularly effective to rob women of power by infantilizing us or reducing us to animalized porn. Not surprisingly the media (and here and here and here and here etc.) picked up on the pink pussy hat image in a hot minute and within days has broadcast its ridicule around the world. How on earth is it that women themselves created this image and tens of thousands more are right now mindlessly knitting away to wear one to the marches?

Are we women still that ambivalent and terrified of seriously demanding rights and taking power? Is this cutesy pink pussy hat really the answer we want to give to the thundering threats to our daughters’ rights?

If you can’t see how self-sabotaging, undermining, and damaging this image is to women, and to our daughters, and to all the little girls around the world who are forced in their pink pussy costumes to service men, please, stop and think… Be conscious of the images you’re conjuring and the message you’re sending! The whole world is watching and the world’s children are too. And if you’re still not convinced….


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