Beliefs and Recommendations Regarding Child Custody and Visitation in Cases Involving Domestic Violence: A Comparison of Professionals in Different RolAuthor:  D. G. Saunders ; K. C. Fuller ; R. M. Tolman, Journal: Violence Against Women  Volume:22  Issue:6  Dated:May 2016  Pages:722 to 744

  Publication Date:  05/2016

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Evaluating the Long-Term Effects of Prisoner Reentry Services on Recidivism: What Types of Services Matter?

  Author:  C. A. Visher ; P. K. Lattimore ; K. Barrick ; S. Tueller
  Journal: Justice Quarterly  Volume:Online First  Dated:February 2016
  Publication Date:  02/2016
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Hidden Consequences: The Impact of Incarceration on Dependent Children

Author:  Eric Martin Journal: NIJ Journal  Issue:278  Dated:March 2017, Abstract   HTML  

Campus Sexual Assault: A Systematic Review of Prevalence Research From 2000 to 2015
  Author:  L. Fedina ; J. L. Holmes ; B. L. Backes
  Journal: Trauma, Violence, & Abuse  Dated:2016
  Publication Date:  02/2016
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21.  Characterization of Contact Offenders and Child Exploitation Material Trafficking on Five Peer-to-Peer Networks
  Author:  G. Bissias ; B. Levine ; M. Liberatore ; B. Lynn ; J. Moore ; H. Wallach ; J. Wolak
  Journal: Child Abuse & Neglect  Volume:52  Dated:February 2016  Pages:185 to 199
  Publication Date:  02/2016
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22.  Chronic Anger as a Precursor to Adult Antisocial Personality Features: The Moderating Influence of Cognitive Control
  NCJ Number:  249980
  Author:  S. W. Hawes ; S. B. Perlman ; A. L. Byrd ; A. Raine ; R. Loeber ; D. R. Pardini
  Journal: Journal of Abnormal Psychology  Volume:125  Issue:1  Dated:January 2016  Pages:64 to 74
  Publication Date:  01/2016
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23.  Contested Domains, Verbal "Amplifiers," and Intimate Partner Violence in Young Adulthood
  NCJ Number:  249984
  Author:  P. C. Giordano ; J. E. Copp
  Journal: Social Forces  Volume:94  Issue:2  Dated:December 2015  Pages:923 to 951
  Publication Date:  12/2015
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Children Exposed to Abuse in Youth-Serving Organizations Results From National Sample Surveys
NCJ Number:  249978
  Author:  A. Shattuck ; D. Finkelhor ; H. Turner ; S. Hamby
  Journal: Jama Pediatrics  Volume:170  Issue:2  Dated:February 2016
  Publication Date:  02/2016
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40.  Children of Immigrants' Bonding to School: Examining the Roles of Assimilation, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Social Bonds
  NCJ Number:  249979
  Author:  J. M. Bondy ; A. A. Peguero ; B. E. Johnson
  Journal: Urban Education  Dated:February 2016
  Publication Date:  02/2016
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41.  Differentiating Serious Adolescent Offenders Who Exit the Justice System From Those Who Do Not
  NCJ Number:  249987
  Author:  C. A. Schubert ; E. P. Mulvey ; L. Pitzer
  Journal: Criminology  Volume:54  Issue:1  Dated:February 2016  Pages:56 to 85
  Publication Date:  02/2016
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