Why domestic abuse victims often refuse to leave

(article has insightful analysis of why immigrant women stay, in addition to the following stats from San Francisco.)

Domestic violence in San Francisco

According to the Comprehensive Report on Family Violence in San Francisco, issued in 2010 by the city\'s Department on the Status of Women, there are tens of thousands of calls regarding domestic violence in the city every year. For the fiscal year 2009-10, the most recent data available, here\'s what happened with them.

-- 26,340 calls to domestic violence hotlines.

-- 7,311 calls taken by 911 dispatchers.

-- 4,027 cases received by the Police Department.

-- 1,886 cases referred to the district attorney.

-- 488 cases in which charges were filed.

-- 373 ended in a plea.

-- 22 went to trial.

-- 14 resulted in conviction.


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