Dallas police: Files in home had repeat offenses

DALLAS (AP) — A Dallas police detective who improperly kept thousands of family violence case files in his home had more than 500 instances in his cases of suspects hurting victims again, a police investigation found.
Police reviewed more than 2,000 cases handled by Det. Mickey East during his four-plus years working on the family violence unit. East was removed from the unit in 2009 after an initial review of about 600 of his cases turned up incorrect procedures in some of them, police said.
A full review of East's cases was ordered in December. It showed 508 cases of "re-victimization," in which someone who reported family violence was hurt again by the same suspect, police said. Some of those instances, particularly less serious misdemeanor offenses, can no longer be prosecuted because they fall outside a three-year statute of limitations, said Deputy Chief Sherryl Scott, who oversees the department's special investigations unit.

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