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o provide advocacy, free of charge, for victims of rape, domestic violence, and child abuse, particularly in the Latina and other under served communities of Sonoma County. To provide advocacy training and community education. To promote more women and minorities in our law enforcement agencies. To commit to equal justice for all women and girls.

rindar una defensa gratuita a víctimas de violación, violencia doméstica y abuso infantil, particularmente en las comunidades hispanas y otras que no son atendidas adecuadamente en el condado de Sonoma. Proveer capacitación en defensa pública y educación comunitaria. Incrementar el número de mujeres y personas pertenecientes a minorías en nuestras agencias de aplicación de justicia. Comprometernos con la justicia igualitaria para todas las mujeres y las niñas.

News Round-up ~ Resumen de noticias


ONLINE RESOURCE COLLECTION by National Sexual Violence Resource Center

This collection provides information on the short- and long-term impacts on health, information for healthcare professionals in various fields, and information on training professionals in the prevention and intervention of sexual violence with their patients.

Sexual violence can affect the whole person in body, mind, or spirit. The responses of the body to a traumatic experience, like a sexual assault, can have lasting impact on health for any person at any age. We provide these resources in the hope that people who’ve experienced sexual violence can have better health outcomes, and that preventing sexual violence will lead to healthier people overall. Additionally, for those individuals who have already experienced sexual violence, knowing the impacts on health may help them in deciding what approach to take in pursuing or receiving medical care.

see collection... http://www.nsvrc.org/projects/health-and-sexual-violence-online-resource-collection


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Madrid, 13 mar. 12. AmecoPress/E-Mujeres.net.- La igualdad de oportunidades entre mujeres y hombres ha sido brutalmente dañada por los despropósitos de los gobiernos. Desde el año pasado, la crisis ha servido de excusa para enlentecer el avance de la igualdad: en 2010 se sacrificó el Ministerio de Igualdad, la paridad en el Gobierno, el compromiso de ampliación del permiso de paternidad a cuatro semanas, se ha recortado la aplicación de la ley de la dependencia, etc.


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Take Action!

Equality Now has just issued Women’s Action 40.1 (March 2012) -- Global: Call to end facilitation of sex trafficking by Village Voice Media -- calling on the owner of Backpage.com, Village Voice Media, to stop facilitating and profiting from sex trafficking by shutting down its “adult” advertisement section. Just last month, a 15-year-old girl was kidnapped and  sold to multiple men who raped and sodomized her  via nude “adult” ads placed in Backpage by her traffickers. Equality Now is deeply concerned that these “adult” ads continue to result in the rape of women and girls despite ineffective attempts by Village Voice to screen them out. Please call on Village Voice Media to institute a zero tolerance approach to the human rights violation of sex trafficking and take down its “adult” advertisement sections worldwide immediately.

Take action here

You can now easily share this action with all of your friends on Facebook & Twitter! Look for the sharing links at the top of the action page!

Please click on the following link for further information as well as full contact information if you wish to fax or send your own personalized letter: 

We hope that you will support this and our other Women's Action campaigns.

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Alissa, her street name, escaped that life and is now a 24-year-old college senior planning to become a lawyer — but she will always have a scar on her cheek where a pimp gouged her with a potato peeler as a warning not to escape. “Like cattle owners brand their cattle,” she said, fingering her cheek, “he wanted to brand me in a way that I would never forget.”

After Alissa testified against her pimps, six of them went to prison for up to 25 years. Yet these days, she reserves her greatest anger not at pimps but at companies that enable them. She is particularly scathing about Backpage.com, a classified advertising Web site that is used to sell auto parts, furniture, boats — and girls. Alissa says pimps routinely peddled her on Backpage.

continues... http://www.nytimes.com/2012/03/18/opinion/sunday/kristof-where-pimps-peddle-their-goods.html?_r=2



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The National Coalition to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and
Exploitation has released its new and updated

National Plan to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and

The National Plan provides practical steps that individuals, organizations, businesses and policymakers can implement to promote positive youth development and prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation.


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por AWID, la associacion para los derechos de la mujer y el desarollo

El rol de las mujeres y las niñas como clave para cambiar el curso del desarrollo ha recibido una atención cada vez mayor en años recientes, reforzado aún más por llamados a convertir la igualdad de género en una piedra angular del desarrollo, pero ¿se ha traducido la retórica del compromiso en un verdadero apoyo financiero?

Este artículo es parte de una serie de Notas de los Viernes que examina algunos de los asuntos y debates relacionados con el tema del Foro Internacional AWID 2012 y establece conexiones entre las cuestiones de derechos de las mujeres y el poder económico.

ver reporte: 



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VANCOUVER — The missing women inquiry is being asked to recommend that a woman who is the victim of a violent crime should not be arrested herself if she goes to police.
"Any person who is a victim of violence, or who wants to report a crime, should be permitted to do so without fear of arrest," said lawyer Jason Gratl, who was appointed by the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry to represent Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.
"That would be a very good practical outcome of the Oppal inquiry, to recommend a temporary moratorium on arrests of women who have been assaulted themselves and wish to report that or any other crime."
Gratl argues that police have "a great deal of discretion" over which laws to arrest and which warrants to exercise.
see also...

Shut out ... but not shut up SISTER OUTSIDERS

what you won’t hear inside the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry

from Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter





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The 13 incidents listed below were gathered from just two days' news (March 15 and 16, 2012) by the National Police Misconduct News Feed, the same ongoing police violence against women as you can find any day of the week on this news feed. It doesn't take much imagination to consider how many more such incidents escape detection.

Police are the gatekeepers to justice and protection for women. Until we radically change police culture, and break up the near absolute male control of the top ranks of police forces, there's no way we can achieve proper enforcement of violence against women laws.

The high rates of violence against women and children in hyper-male dominated instutitions, such as the Catholic Church, male athletics, the Boy Scouts, has at least been spotlighted. But the inordinately high rates of domestic and sexual violence in police forces has been virtually ignored as a systemic problem, despite the power of police and despite the pivotal role police have in ending violence against women. 
  • Modesto CA cop who resigned in Feb is indicted on sexual assault charges involving several alleged on-duty rapes [1]http://bit.ly/yExmQk
  • Hennessey OK cop sentenced to 40yrs prison for sexually abusing an 8yr-old girl over a period of 2yrs [0] http://bit.ly/xwWSDq
  • Henderson Co TN deputy found guilty on federal child pornography charges involving 10yr-old girl [0] http://bit.ly/FOtfJH
  • Hattisburg MS cop gets fine & clean record in plea deal for extortion, accused of raping nurse under color of law [0]http://bit.ly/yCkCmB
  • Harris Co TX pct 5 depty constable arrested for sexual assault of teen relative & online solicitation of minor [0]http://bit.ly/FOB4z2
  • Henrico Co VA deputy pleads guilty to receiving child porn involving prepubescent children, caught by US DHS [0]http://bit.ly/yxuT8j
  • San Jose CA school cop pleads no contest to multiple charges for sex acts w/2 teen boys he met on dating site [0]http://bit.ly/FOjONu
  • Philadelphia PA cop convicted of official oppression & exposure in split on-duty sexual assault trial jury decision [0]http://bit.ly/wQAQnh
  • Dumfries VA cop who opened ice cream shop after retiring arrested for allegedly sexually abusing child 10yrs ago [0]http://bit.ly/As5S3E
  • Pinal Co AZ sheriff tries to silence news reports about his alleged sexual misconduct while he was a school director with cease & desist orders [5] http://bit.ly/ztzRMb
    • Flower Mound TX SWAT cop arrested on agg assault charges for allgedly pulling firearm on his girlfriend & others [0]http://bit.ly/xtaXLD
    • Town and Country MO police sued by cop claiming she was sexually harassed & retaliated against for 10 years [3]http://bit.ly/FOFF7a
    • San Francisco Co CA sheriff’s guilty plea in DV case questioned by DA, thinks it isn’t sincere [0] http://bit.ly/FOSBWW

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53,868 have signed. Help us get to 100,000

Posted: 15 March 2012
Honduras is just days away from approving an extremist law that would put women in prison for using the morning-after pill, even after being raped. But we can stop this law and give women back the chance to prevent unwanted pregnancy. 

Some Congress members agree that this law -- which would also jail doctors or anyone who sells the pills -- is excessive, but they are bowing to the powerful religious lobby that wrongly claims the morning-after pill constitutes an abortion. The head of the Congress, who wants to run for President of Honduras and cares about his reputation abroad, can stop this. If we pressure him now we can shelve this reactionary law. 

The vote could happen any day now -- let’s show Honduras that the world will not stand by as it jails women for preventing pregnancy even after sexual violence. Sign the urgent petition on the right calling on the President of Congress Juan Orlando Hernández to stand up for women’s rights. If we reach 400,000 signatures, local women's groups will personally deliver our outcry to Hernández.


SIGN PETITION...http://www.avaaz.org/en/no_prison_for_contraception/?fp

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52,950 han firmado. Ayúdanos a llegar a 100,000

Ppublicado: 15 Marzo 2012
En pocos días, Honduras podría aprobar una ley extremista que encarcelaría a las mujeres por tomar la píldora anticonceptiva de emergencia, incluso si han sido violadas. Pero podemos frenar esta ley y devolverle a las mujeres la posibilidad de prevenir un embarazo no deseado. 
Algunos miembros del Congreso hondureño consideran que esta ley -- que también podría meter a la cárcel a médicos y a cualquiera que venda las pastillas anticonceptivas de emergencia -- es excesiva. Pero la mayoría de diputados está cediendo ante el lobby religioso, que falsamente alega que el uso de esta píldora es abortivo. Pero el líder del Congreso Nacional, que quiere cuidar su reputación nacional e internacional para lanzarse a la Presidencia de Honduras, puede detener esta ley. Si nos unimos y lo presionamos ahora, podremos lograr que él se oponga y que se hunda esta ley despiadada. 
La votación podría ocurrir en cualquier momento. Mostremos ya a los dirigentes de Honduras que el mundo no va a quedarse callado mientras encierran a las mujeres en la cárcel por intentar prevenir un embarazo no deseado, incluso cuando han sido violadas. Firma la urgente petición a la derecha pidiéndole al Presidente del Congreso Nacional Juan Orlando Hernández que defienda los derechos de las mujeres. Si alcanzamos 400.000 firmas, grupos locales de mujeres entregarán nuestra petición personalmente a Hernández en el Congreso.


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By Eleanor Bell

The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics has analysed a program that brings young offenders face-to-face with victims of crime. New research looks like dashing the hopes of those who thought making criminals confront their victims would help stop them reoffending.

The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics has analysed a program that brings young offenders face-to-face with victims of crime.

It says it makes no difference to the rate at which they go on to commit more crimes.

The bureau's Dr Don Weatherburn says the study looked at almost 1,000 young people who were referred to a Youth Justice Conference.

It compared them to the same number of young people who were dealt with by that state's Children's Court.

Dr Weatherburn says it found young offenders made to face up to their victims will reoffend at the same rate as those who go through the children's court

"The offenders in both groups were matched on a whole range of factors that are important to reoffending and we found no difference at all between the two groups - they were equally likely to reoffend, they were equally likely to commit a more serious or less serious offence," he said.

"They took the same time to reoffend and they committed the same number of reoffences within the limits of chance.

"So it doesn't appear that referring young people to a Youth Justice Conference reduces their risk of reoffending."

In fact, around 65 per cent were reconvicted for another offence within two years.

"We've looked at circle sentencing for Aboriginal offenders for example and found that had no effect. We also looked at forum sentencing, which is another similar program for young offenders, where they sit down with their victims and found no effect," Dr Weatherburn said.

"So this is the third study we've done which has found no effect for this arrangement, where offenders and victims meet."

article continues... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-03-15/study-questions-face-to-face-youth-crime-program/3892090

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Fiscalía ignora esa línea de investigación: JNH

Por Gladis Torres Ruiz  

México, DF, 14 mar 12 (CIMAC).- Tan sólo en el primer trimestre de este año han sido asesinadas 60 mujeres en el estado de Chihuahua, mientras que las redes de tratantes de personas operan ante la inacción de autoridades estatales y federales, denunció la organización Justicia para Nuestras Hijas (JNH).

La agrupación defensora de Derechos Humanos (DH) señaló que niñas y jóvenes desaparecidas entre 2009 y 2011 en Ciudad Juárez coinciden en la edad, nivel socioeconómico y lugar donde fueron vistas por última vez, con las cinco jóvenes encontradas muertas e identificadas a fines del año pasado y principios de 2012 en el predio conocido como Práxedis Guerrero, en el Valle de Juárez. 

La directora de JNH, Norma Ledezma, dijo a Cimacnoticias que las jóvenes desaparecidas en esos años pudieron haber sido victimas de trata de personas con fines de explotación sexual. 

“Las redes de trata no las hace un grupito de chamaquitos inexpertos, pobres de barrio; esto es de gente de mucho poder político y económico”, advirtió.



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It has been a catastrophic case for both 'Sarah' the victim and the public. Here are the key questions that need answering
Rape victim
'Now anyone who is raped by a partner will expect the justice system to let him pressure a withdrawal.' Photograph: Garry Weaser for the Guardian

There are big questions for the justice professionals in the saga of "Sarah", whose conviction for perverting the course of justice by wrongly retracting a rape allegation was upheld on Tuesday by Lord Judge, the lord chief justice.

It would have been hard for the court of appeal to reverse a guilty plea, tendered at trial, by a woman of full age, legally represented and who, on Lord Judge's view, committed this crime. It might be said if you wanted to avoid that conviction you shouldn't be starting at the court of appeal.

It is a catastrophic case for the already sexually and physically abused victim, who has now been imprisoned, separated from her children and, unless there is an appeal to the supreme court, will be a criminal for the rest of her life. It is equally catastrophic for the public, since a man the authorities were satisfied had raped Sarah and who broke bail and perverted justice is not only free but has never been prosecuted.




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This National Institute of Justice study of U.S. police finds that, indeed, police have learned to give "politically correct" answers, but, as the following excerpt from the study abstract makes clear, the mindset of most police is still locked and loaded against sex crimes victims, and stubbornly unwilling to change. The research included both specialized sex crimes detectives and frontline officers from multiple police departments in the U.S..

From the NIJ study abstract:
"Still, the findings from administering the rape scale to the officers indicate that despite many years of training, a large number of police officers still hold attitudes and opinions that undermine their ability to treat rape victims well. The officers were almost unanimously opposed to changing to a system of investigation and case processing that gives priority to protecting victims." ........
"Among the police officers in this study, there was virtually no interest in and  some strong resistance to examining innovative and improved ways of investigating and managing rape cases. The dominant theme in current investigative techniques is the presumption that victims are lying and the initial job of the investigators is to expose it." (emphasis ours)
See study, Police Investigation of Rapes - Roadblocks and Solutions,  scroll down linked page for study abstract and link to full document, https://www.ncjrs.gov/App/Publications/abstract.aspx?ID=254756                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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El tribunal despejó las dudas sobre el aborto no punible: toda mujer tiene ese derecho si hubo una violación. Además, los jueces dijeron que no es necesaria la denuncia judicial del abuso. Y determinaron pautas para la Justicia y el sistema de salud.

Por Irina Hauser

“Lejos de estar prohibido”, el aborto “está permitido y no resulta punible” cuando “el embarazo es consecuencia de una violación”. Vale para toda mujer. Es un derecho que se debe interpretar en forma “amplia” y sin distinciones “discriminatorias” que lo limiten a quienes padecen una discapacidad mental. Interrumpir la gestación producto del abuso sexual tampoco requiere ninguna clase de autorización judicial ni trámite burocrático. Así lo estableció la Corte Suprema, finalmente, en un fallo que aclara que ésa es la única interpretación posible del Código Penal y advierte que cualquier otra que intente obstaculizar el acceso al aborto no punible sólo pone a las mujeres en una nueva situación de “violencia”, pero “institucional”. El tribunal exhortó a funcionarios de la Justicia y médicos a dejar de judicializar estos casos, una “práctica” que calificaron tanto de “innecesaria e ilegal” como “cuestionable porque obliga a la víctima del delito a exponer públicamente su vida privada y es también contraproducente porque la demora que apareja pone en riesgo tanto el derecho a la salud de la solicitante como su derecho al acceso a la interrupción del embarazo en condiciones seguras”. La resolución conmina a las autoridades nacionales, provinciales y porteñas a aplicar “normas de alto nivel” y “protocolos hospitalarios” para atender “abortos no punibles y para la asistencia integral de toda víctima de violencia sexual”.

continua... http://awid.org/esl/Las-Noticias-y-Analisis/Los-Derechos-de-las-Mujeres-en-las-Noticias2/Argentina-Fallo-de-la-Corte-Suprema-sobre-aborto-no-punible-toda-mujer-tiene-ese-derecho-si-hubo-una-violacion


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The Foundation for Studies and Research on Women - FEIM- celebrates the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice, known today, which clarifies that the interruption of a pregnancy resulting from any kind of rape is not punishable, and that all cases of non-punishable abortion, according to article 86 of the Penal Code, shall not be subjected to a judicial process.

Moreover, the ruling urges that these requests be provided for within health care services and recognizes the “duty of the State to protect the victims of this type of acts and its obligation to provide comprehensive health care, in cases of emergency and in continued care”.

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Rates of femicide—acts of homicide in which the victim is a woman or a girl—are significantly higher in countries and territories affected by high or very high overall homicide rates. With a rate of12.0 per 100,000 people, El Salvador is the country with the highest femicide rate, followed by Jamaica (10.9),Guatemala (9.7), and South Africa (9.6).

Femicide: A Global Problem, the latest Research Note from the Small Arms Survey, offers a concise examination of lethal forms of violence against women, drawing on the disaggregated data on femicides produced for the Global Burden of Armed Violence 2011, published by the Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development.

continues with links to full document and related research... http://www.smallarmssurvey.org/about-us/highlights/highlight-rn14.html


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Marai Larasi es directora de Imkaan, una organización no gubernamental, con sede en Gran Bretaña, que se dedica a la lucha contra la violencia padecida por personas negras, minorías, refugiadas y adolescentes. También preside la independiente Coalición para Terminar con la Violencia contra la Mujer, que funciona en todo el país. 

A pesar de los renovados esfuerzos, los servicios de asistencia tienen una calidad y un alcance limitado, y suelen depender del lugar del mundo en que viva la víctima.

El acceso a la asistencia es especialmente problemático para las mujeres de zonas rurales y/o alejadas, o para las que pertenecen a sectores sociales excluidos –minorías étnicas, indígenas, inmigrantes o adolescentes- y las que padecen alguna discapacidad o tienen VIH/sida, entre otras afecciones.  

ver entrevista... http://www.ipsnoticias.net/nota.asp?idnews=100329

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Group Founded by Rape Survivors Lifts Up Haitian Women
Rousbeh Legatis interviews ERAMITHE DELVA, co-founder of KOFAVIV

UNITED NATIONS, March 10, 2012 (IPS) - In Haitian refugee camps, women are still crammed under plastic or cloth tarps that provide no security and quickly become overheated by the sun. Sexual abuse, harassment, assault and rape run rampant, even as political responses to these dangers have stalled. But KOFAVIV, a women's organisation founded by and for rape survivors, offers a glimmer of hope.

see interview... http://ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=107024

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San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi leaves court after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment on Monday, March 12, 2012, in San Francisco. In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped a domestic violence charge and two other misdemeanor counts stemming from a New Year's Eve incident involving Mirkarimi and his wife Eliana Lopez. (AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle, Noah Berger)


 SAN FRANCISCO -- San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi pleaded guilty today to a misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment in connection with an incident in which he allegedly inflicted a bruise on his wife.

In exchange, San Francisco prosecutors dropped a domestic violence charge and two other misdemeanor counts filed in January against Mirkarimi, 50. Mirkarimi was still serving on the Board of Supervisors at the time of the New Year's Eve incident inside the couple's Western Addition home. He was sworn in as sheriff about a week later.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/03/12/BANT1NJH74.DTL#ixzz1owmgylF1

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Animal rights charity,PETA's recent advert uses the idea that even vegan boyfriends are able to have violent sex! In their Boyfriend Went Vegan and Knocked the Bottom Out of Me commercial we see a woman walking home battered and bruised following a night of 'tantric porn star' sex.



Annette Davis writes:
As a vegan I'm ashamed and as a vegan woman I feel betrayed (once again) by this disgusting sell out to the pornocracy, to the detriment of women. Animals should have more rights and be respected but what about women? Is there a kind of hierarchy in PETA's considerations that leaves our battle for equal rights and respect far behind the one for animals? I don't understand how, considering the proportion of feminists and women in the veggie/vegan population, PETA can have made such a faux-pas...
Posted by Lola Okolosie at 08:42

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 SEE INTERVIEW:    http://www.forbes.com/sites/rahimkanani/2012/03/08/doj-director-on-violence-against-women-in-the-united-states/

In one of the most in-depth discussions to date on violence against women in the United States, and to coincide with International Women’s Day, I interviewed Susan B. Carbon, Director of the United States Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).


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In recent years, the differing and overlapping experiences of men and women in situations of armed conflict have garnered significant international attention. Such attention results from the confluence of multiple factors including greater visibility of the violations experienced by women in times of war; the increasing reliance by UN member states on gendered violations as a basis for justifying multi-national humanitarian interventions; and greater exposure of the broader social, economic and cultural effects on women of inter-state and intra-state armed conflict.

A new book, Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights, provides an impressive historical perspective on these issues. Written almost exclusively by historians, the 14 essays survey an outstanding array of sites, ranging from ancient Greece to medieval England, from the American Revolution and pre-colonial warfare in Tanzania to the Bangladeshi war, from ancient warfare to World War II. A final essay, by the late Rhonda Copelon, addresses how far legal approaches to sexual violence have come—and how much farther they need to go

continues... http://www.intlawgrrls.com/2012/03/read-on-sexual-violence-in-conflict.html


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Representing the knowledge gained from cases undertaken as part of Equality Now’s Adolescent Girls’ Legal Defense Fund (AGLDF), Learning From Cases of Girls' Rights (pdf, 4.4 MB) identifies and addresses the common obstacles faced by adolescent girls in their pursuit of justice. Since its inception in 2008, the AGLDF has taken up nine cases involving various forms of sexual violence, the most common abuse suffered by girls, in seven countries. This paper consolidates and aggregates the lessons learned from these cases in our effort to establish legal precedents to prevent and better address future violations of girls’ rights. For more information, visit our AGLDF page.


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Intelligence Report, Spring 2012, Issue Number: 145

Southern Poverty Law Center

After 10 years of custody battles, court-ordered counseling and imminent imprisonment for non-payment of child support, Thomas James Ball, a leader of the Worcester branch of the Massachusetts-based Fatherhood Coalition, had reached his limit. On June 15, 2011, he doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire just outside the Cheshire County, N.H., Courthouse. He was dead within minutes.



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