from WAVE – Women Against Violence Europe
PROTECT aims at contributing to the prevention and reduction of the most serious forms of gender-based violence against girls, young women and their children, such as grievous bodily harm, homicide and attempted homicide, including so-called honour crimes and killings. 

The project’s target groups are professionals from core agencies responsible for the protection and support of victims and the prevention of violence, organisations and institutions working in the area of violence prevention, policy makers and – last but not least – victims of gender-based violence.

the project includes several strings of action: research on statistics on homicides/femicides and attempted homicides/
femicides, including so-called killings in the name of honour, a summary of intimate partner violence and intimate partner 
femicide risk assessment studies (literature review), research on standards of protection and support available to high risk victims, three expert group meetings, and the prOTECT online resource centre which is launched on the WaVE website

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