For over two decades we’ve had a close-up view of the inner workings of our Sheriff’s Dept. through the eyes of our clients.  The experiences of the women, mostly young, immigrant women of color, have all along revealed severe civil rights flaws permeating the Sheriff’s Department.

Despite all efforts toward reform from the outside, - whether through petitions, protests, firsthand accounts, or the decades of lawsuits, - the Sheriff has mostly responded by burrowing deeper into defensiveness and defiance of human rights, bunkering behind the impunity that’s been granted by a succession of roll over DA’s, a lapdog press that won’t dig, a Board of Supervisors that writes the checks and sings praises, and a public finding refuge in disbelief.

The Visible Fin of the Shark that Lurks Below

Now, not at all surprisingly, comes an October 5th, 2015 lawsuit that reads like a shocking dispatch from the violent rampages of a third world totalitarian regime


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