*Table of Contents*
· When Men Do Nothing (by Stephen McArthur)
· “Women’s Rights: Yeah, Yeah. Whatever.” (by Yashar Ali)
· From Beastly Boy to Profeminist (by Jessica Valenti)
· When a Beloved Teacher Is Also a Rapist (by Sarah Werthan
· Dancing to Uncover a “New Maskulinity” (by Lacey Byrne)
· What Do Women Have to Do with Men’s Healing? A Lot (by Lundy
Bancroft and Rus Funk)
· From the Editor
· Letters
· Men @ Work
· Outlines (The Arc of Gay History Bends Toward Justice – by Kevin
· Fathering (Fatherhood’s Next Act – by Jeremy Adam Smith; Staying
alive as a Stay-at-Home Father – by Gregory Collins)
· Poetry (Meditation – by Al Miller; Desire – by George Bilgere)
· Men and Health (Prostate Cancer Testing: Not the Final Word – by
Tim Baehr)
· Voices of Youth (When We Stay Silent to Bullying – by William Roy)
· Gaming (Straight, White and Male: Lowest Difficulty Setting – by
Fivel Rothberg)
· Books (The Mama’s Boy Myth – reviewed by Sarah Werthan
· Resources


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