This training bulletin is the first in a series developed from the law enforcement perspective, to improve the investigation and prosecution of sexual assaults perpetrated against people with disabilities. This information is designed to be helpful for any professional whose work intersects with the criminal justice system, to ensure that people with disabilities who are victimized have equal access to information, programs, and services - and that they are treated with fairness, compassion, and respect. Everyone involved in the criminal justice and community response system plays a critical role in providing that access and fair treatment.

Responding to Victims with Disabilities

dispatchingofficerTypically, police officers are taught to approach victims with disabilities and the investigation "like they would in any other case." The hope is that victims who have a disability will be treated with the same respect as other victims, and this is an important goal we all need to support.  However, when training for law enforcement focuses solely on respect, police officers are left wondering what they should actually do when they are assigned to investigate a crime against a person with a disability. This training bulletin series is designed to provide the information, resources, and referrals that officers and investigators need to improve the response to crime victims with disabilities, particularly those who have been sexually assaulted.


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