The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has launched a new, searchable online

document of current funding opportunities and new initiatives, the OJP Program
Plan <>. It features the latest and
most complete information regarding both competitive and noncompetitive
grants, training and technical assistance, research, and other resources
available to the justice community.

The Program Plan is divided into 9 thematically organized sections:

- Initiatives to Address a Wide Range of Criminal and Juvenile Justice
Issues <>
- Breaking the Cycles of Mental Illness, Substance Abuse, and
- Preventing and Intervening in Juvenile Offending and
- Managing Offenders To Reduce Recidivism and Promote Successful

- Effective Interventions To Address Violence, Victimization, and
Victims’ Rights <>
- Enhancing Law Enforcement
- Supporting Innovation in
- Advancing Technology To Prevent and Solve
- Innovations in Justice Information

Also available, instructions on how to apply for
Continuation<>and Formula
Grants <> and assistance, a
Glossary <> of acronyms and
definitions, answers to Frequently Asked
and an alphabetical Index <> of
the programs found in the Plan. Visit the Program
Unsubscribe <> to
periodic e-mail notifications from NCJRS or any of its sponsoring agencies.

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