This National Institute of Justice study of U.S. police finds that, indeed, police have learned to give "politically correct" answers, but, as the following excerpt from the study abstract makes clear, the mindset of most police is still locked and loaded against sex crimes victims, and stubbornly unwilling to change. The research included both specialized sex crimes detectives and frontline officers from multiple police departments in the U.S..

From the NIJ study abstract:
"Still, the findings from administering the rape scale to the officers indicate that despite many years of training, a large number of police officers still hold attitudes and opinions that undermine their ability to treat rape victims well. The officers were almost unanimously opposed to changing to a system of investigation and case processing that gives priority to protecting victims." ........
"Among the police officers in this study, there was virtually no interest in and  some strong resistance to examining innovative and improved ways of investigating and managing rape cases. The dominant theme in current investigative techniques is the presumption that victims are lying and the initial job of the investigators is to expose it." (emphasis ours)
See study, Police Investigation of Rapes - Roadblocks and Solutions,  scroll down linked page for study abstract and link to full document,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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