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Atticus Reynolds' Partial Adult
Criminal Record

Note 1: Because there is an open homicide case against Atticus Reynolds, many criminal justice documents relevant to Reynolds' criminal history have been taken off the public record. As such, the following adult criminal record is incomplete. In addition, since juvenile criminal records are sealed, our knowledge of Reynolds' juvenile record is too cursory to report. This partial summary also does not include Atticus' numerous criminal vehicle code violations.

Note 2: Except where noted, the victims in these crimes are not Haille. In fact, in all but a few instances there are different victims for each case.

Year 2005

May 22

arrested for murder of Haille
May 18 threats reported to Sonoma County Sheriff's Department by Haille's aunt - no report written
May 17 Report to Cloverdale Police of Reynold's harrassment/stalking of Haille - no report written
May 16 Arrested and jailed by Cloverdale Police for drunk in public
May 3 charged and pending misdemeanor resisting arrest, Mendocino DA
April 29 charged and pending felony assault with deadly weapon, and four misdemeanor drug and vehicle crimes, Mendocino DA
April 29 charged and pending violation of probation, Mendocino DA
Jan 5 Failure to Appear, Mendocino Court, arrest warrant issued
Year 2004
Nov 20 (on or about) arrested felony auto theft, Jan 26, convicted misdemeanor auto theft, Mendocino Court
Sentenced to Court Probation Jan 2004 to Mar 2007
Oct 26 arrested suspect in felony arson and criminal conspiracy case - Sonoma County Sheriff's Dept.
Oct 28 suspect in death threats and arson threats case, reported to Cloverdale Police Department - status unknown
May 11 charged with violation of domestic violence restraining order by Sonoma County DA - case dismissed July 27, 2004
Year 2003
May 1 Convicted of Felony criminal conspiracy, five poaching misdemeanors dismissed
Sentenced to Court Probation May 2003 to Feb. 2006
Year 2002
Year 2001
(on or about)
suspect multiple rapes, Sonoma County Sheriff
June 4 convicted misdemeanor illegal hunting and fishing
Year 2000
October Convicted 2 misdemeanor counts of poaching, dismissed felony animal theft, felony criminal conspriacy, and three felony drug charges.
Sentenced to court probation October, 2000 to May, 2004
March 22 Convicted vehicle misdemeanor
Sentenced to court probation March 22, 2000 to Sept. 2001

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